8U Elite/Select
The Braves will have two 8U teams this spring in the USABL with a mix of players that have played for our program for a year to kids who are just starting up! 
9U Elite/Select
Our 9U groups are going to be a forced to be reckoned with this season. The 9U Elite enters the season ranked #1 in the state of New Jersey by tbrankings.com. 
10U Elite/ Select
Our 10U group is quickly becoming one of New Jersey's premier teams coming off three straight American divsision USABL titles. This group enters the season as the #3 team in New Jersey for 2020.
       At Flores Baseball Training LLC, we preach a no "daddy ball" type of baseball that allows all coaches with professional and collegiate playing and coaching experience to work with your children. Our coaches have been around baseball their whole lives and stress the fundamentals of this great game, and build block by block to make sure your child gets the best chance to achieve their utmost potential.  At Flores baseball playing time is earned and is determined by our coaches.  Braves players are pushed to get the best out of themselves on and off the field. We promise positive progression on the baseball field, but we also promise that your kids will become better people as well. We value players who are talented on the field, but being receptive to coaching and a good teammate is just as important as well. Our practices and coaching strategies cater to the individual players themselves, and are not just one big package deal for the simple fact that not all kids learn the same way.
      Our numbers speak for themselves, after the completion of the 2018 calendar year, Braves teams captured an oustanding 12 league titles/tournament championships as well as amassing 126 program wins. 2019 was a year marked by even more success where Braves teams captured 25 more championships and amassed over 250 organizational wins!  Each year we are looking to break the previous years mark, and with the work our players and coaches put in every day, we are positive that we will be able to do that.
     At Flores Baseball Training, we let the players play, and the coaches coach, because in the end, it is still a game that the kids are playing. Parents are asked to stay in the stands and away from the dugout so the coaches and players are able to do their jobs.
11U Elite/Select
Our 11U group has asserted themselves in North Jersey coming off their fourth consecutive USABL American division title. This group is currently sitting #7 in the state and qualified for the USABL World Series in 2019.
12U Elite/Select
Our 12U groups bring in a lot of new faces while still having some from the original 2017 season. They have deep pitching staffs and will look to continue their USABL dominance.
Our 13U/14U group will compete in the USABL. They have some big bats on the team and are ready for a deep playoff run.
Newly Formed 7U Braves
Tournament Teams
FBT will be having a developmental group for those who are too advanced for rec baseball but not yet ready for 8U club baseball. Kids ages 5-8 will play in controlled hybrid games with part coach pitch, and part kid pitch. This group will have one practice day per week and one game per week on the weekend. All coaches have collegiate baseball experience and will focus on the correct fundamentals to maximize the progression of all of our players. We will be accepting signups immediately.
FBT enters tournaments based off of talent levels within a specific age group. If coaches deem a certain age groups talent level to be that of a tournament level, the program will enter various tournaments in the tri-state area. Tournament teams are selected by coaches and players selected are invited to play for an additional fee.